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MSBI online training

Making informed judgements is the key to corporate success in today’s data-driven environment. Organisations need tools to collect and process data and transform it into actionable insights to gain a competitive edge. Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) is one such suite of tools that empowers businesses to do just that. In this blog, we will delve […]

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corporate online training

Any company should always prioritise growth and development as part of its strategy. Employee development is also included in this. Employees are the driving force behind your company. Your personnel should participate in corporate training regularly. This promotes employee skill growth on your team. This is critical for the success of your company.  Every business […]

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google flutter online course

What Are The Features Of Flutter? Google launched Flutter in May 2017. Flutter is an open-source software development kit for creating Android and iOS apps. Instead of writing different code for each operating system, it uses the same code base to generate a cross-platform mobile application. Dart is the programming language that Flutter applications are […]

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kotlin online training

What Are The Top Five Benefits Of Kotlin? Kotlin is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) programming language and may thus be used nearly anywhere Java is used today. This comprises development for server, client, web, and Android. JetBrains created it, and they are actively working on bringing Kotlin to embedded devices and iOS. As a […]

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