The term heart failure is a combination of diseases which cause insufficient flow of blood to the heart or from the heart to the other organs of the body. Since senior citizens are prone to heart failure a lot. It is important for senior citizens and people who take care of them to know about the causes and treatment from the Cardiologist In Chennai. Some of the disorders that occur during a heart failure are dropsy, (systolic) left side heart failure and (diastolic) right side heart failure. The blood serves as a vehicle for oxygen to travel all over the body inorder to maintain the day to day functions of our body. Due to aging the heart becomes weaker and starts to lose its ability to pump blood.  

How Does A Heart Work?:

Initially the blood enters the heart through the right side it sends the blood to the lungs to pick up oxygen, then the oxygenated blood is pumped out from the left side to all the body parts. Later on the blood is returned to the heart after the oxygen content is segregated from the blood. The cycle goes on and on. 


Due to aging the senior citizens are affected by various medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure which also takes a huge toll in causing heart failure. Lifestyle and eating habits also play a major role in the cause of heart disease. Due to an increase in fast food joints the amount of cholesterol entering the heart is also increased in a drastic level. Senior citizens should be careful while involving in any physical activity. With excessive physical activity there’s a higher chance of heart damage. There are numerous factors which causes heart failure:

  • Dropsy
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid 
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Excessive alcohol intake
  • Smoking

Prevention And Care:

Maintaining healthy life choices is very important when it comes to prevention of heart failure. Elder people should be keen on what they eat. By maintaining a proper diet the chances of heart failure can be prevented by 50%. While getting older people should have regular checkups to the Heart Specialist Doctor In Chennai in order to keep tabs about their heart’s condition. Some doctors even recommend completely stopping the intake of alcohol. A healthy diet includes food which is low in salt, fat, trans fat and cholesterol. 

Even with a proper diet and healthy lifestyle the person is affected by heart failure, they immediately rush to the Cardiology Hospital In Chennai. Even though there is any cure for heart failure, they can save the person by conducting cardiac resurrection therapy –  if the different side of the heart is affected by heart disease, a pacemaker will be placed so that both sides can pump the oxygenated blood at the same time. Sometimes an implantable cardioverter defibrillator will be attached to the heart, it is a correcting device implanted for people who have irregular heart beats. The rarest treatment is a new heart will be transplanted from a deceased person.  


Even Though there are Top Cardiologist In Chennai to treat you whenever you’re in need of a medical emergency. It is the responsibility of the individual to maintain a healthy diet plan and lifestyle so that they are not easily affected by heart failure.