Home theatre setup is no longer a privilege that only rich people can enjoy. With technological advancements and their affordability has made a lot of people enjoy the extravagant experience of going to the movie theatre without even stepping out of the comfort of their homes. The Interior Designers In Chennai also play a major part in this. Building an international standard home theatre can be a fun and rewarding project, and it doesn’t have to break the bank either. With a little bit of planning and some careful consideration of your space and budget, you can create a home theatre that will provide hours of entertainment for you and your family.


In order to construct a home theatre the basic screen size should be 20 feet long and 13 feet wide. Other than that the screen can be optimized according to the vastness of the house. It should also be at a place where it shouldn’t disturb other activities which will happen in the house. You will also need to decide on the size and layout of your home theatre. Consider factors such as the size of your room, and the number of people you want to accommodate.


Once you’ve decided on the size and layout of your home theatre, it’s time to start thinking about the equipment you’ll need. A high-quality HDTV or projector and screen is a must for any home theatre, as is a surround sound system. You’ll also need a comfortable seating area, such as a couch or recliners, and a coffee table or other surface to place snacks and drinks.

In addition to the basic equipment, there are a few other items you may want to consider adding to your home theatre. The Best Interior Designers in Chennai will surely recommend buying a Blu-ray or DVD player is a good idea if you want to watch movies, and a streaming device,


Another important consideration is lighting. You’ll want to create a cozy, cinema-like atmosphere in your home theatre, which means dimming or turning off the lights during movie time. You may want to install dimmer switches or use floor lamps or table lamps to adjust the lighting in the room. Creating the home interiors in Chennai will definitely help in you having a wonderful cinematic experience.


Once you have your equipment and lighting in place, it’s time to think about decor. You can add movie posters or other artwork to the walls, and throw pillows or blankets to make the seating area more comfortable. The interior design firms in Chennai are well known for creating a décor at an international standard. 

The Refreshments: 

Finally, don’t forget about the little touches that can make a big difference in your home theatre experience. Popcorn, candy, and other movie theatre-style snacks can add to the fun, and a mini fridge or snack bar can come in handy for storing drinks and snacks.