The gaming laptop is different from a regular laptop which is more efficient for very intentional work like video editing, gaming, 3d rendering, VR simulation, etc. which has an intense graphics card, RAM, and internal cooling system when compared to regular laptops. Each brand has its sub-brands for its gaming laptop, and desktop production, showrooms, and service center. Asus and Acer are the two leading brands in the gaming laptop, and desktop industry who bring more innovation in the industry likewise Asus’s ROG(republic of gaming) introduced a double screen laptop and Aser’s Predator dual charging system. 

Asus(Republic of gaming)

The ROG gaming laptop has a notable design and is well known for its performance. The ROG  laptop has a partnership with AMD a leading processor manufacturer and provides AMD’s high-end processor Ryzen 9 series and when it comes to graphics card ROG’ most of the laptops has nVidia’s  RTX 3000 series for a better graphic appearance. The durability of the battery is a considerable thing when it is a laptop, but due to gaming laptop’s performance the battery drains faster to compensate for the problem the ROG’s fast charging system helps to recharge the laptop in minimum time. The ROG has its showroom where you can get all the accessories for the laptop. But, when it comes for service there are some authorized Asus service center Chennai that only provide the trustable services  for the laptops.


The Predator’s brand name was inspired from the hollywood movie called predator which is an alien based movie, the name was inspired because they are indicating that their product can be compared with alien tech. In this laptop they are using both Intel and AMD’s high-end processor I9 series and ryzen 9 series, and for the graphics card they are using a wide range of nVidia’s RTX and GTX graphics card. The Predator charging system is totally different from the others, they introduce a dual fast charging system which is faster than normal fast charging. The Predator’s laptop uses a wide range of wifi bands like 5GHz for faster network access. The Predator’s gaming laptop does not have its own showroom in Chennai, but it will be available at Acer’s showroom because the Acer’s regular laptop has poor selling performance and the Acer service center Chennai provides spare parts and service for the laptops, and some showroom who provides laptop service in Chennai are only get the laptop from you and give the laptop to the Acer service center for repair the major problems and they get the spare parts from them.