An IDE is an application that gives computer programmers extensive software development capabilities. An integrated development environment (IDE) frequently contains build automation tools, debuggers and a source code editor. The majority of current IDEs include intelligent code completion. In this blog, you will learn about the Top IDE for Python: How to choose the best Python IDE that is currently accessible and on the market.

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What is an IDE?

IDE is an abbreviation for Integrated Development Environment. It is a graphical user interface (GUI) where programmers write code and create finished products. An IDE essentially combines all of the tools needed for software development and testing, allowing the programmer to maximize his output. Some IDEs are generic, which means they may support a wide range of languages. Sublime Text, Atom, Visual Studio, and so on. Language-specific IDEs provide support for a single language. They also assist you in recognizing syntax mistakes. Pycharm for Python, Jcreator for Java, and RubyMine for Ruby/Rails are some examples.

Top IDEs for Python


PyCharm is a multi-platform integrated development environment (IDE). As a result, depending on their needs, customers can download either of the Windows, Mac, or Linux versions. To be honest, PyCharm is largely regarded as one of the greatest Python IDEs, if not the most popular.


It is a robust scientific development IDE built in Python that was designed primarily for data analysts and scientists.

  • Spyder is compatible with numerous scientific Python libraries, including SciPy, NumPy, Matplotlib, Pandas, and others.
  • Spyder offers advanced editing, analysis, and data exploration support for scientific applications.


It is essentially an open-source third-party software that acts as a plug-in for Eclipse, allowing it to be used for Python development.

PyDev provides a number of unique features, including:

  • Remote Debugger (debug files that are not launched in Eclipse)
  • Code folding (hiding or displaying portions of code selectively)
  • Python syntax versions 2.x and 3.x

Sublime Text

Sublime-Text is a cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) written in C++ and Python. It supports various programming languages in addition to Python. Plug-ins can be used to enhance the features of this IDE.

It has several features, including:

  • The “Goto Anything” tool provides easy access to files, symbols, or lines.
  • Its command palette offers reliable keyboard invocation matching.
  • API for Python-based plugins

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Atom is a open source IDE developed with web technologies. Atom is built on the Electron framework from GitHub, which is developed in CoffeeScript and Less.

Atom has the following features:

  • Allows third-party packages and themes to be used to format the editor.
  • Atom’s APM enables package installation and management.


IDLE is developed entirely in Python and is included as the default implementation with Python. Its name is thought to be a tribute to Eric Idle, a founding member of Monty Python. Because of its simplicity, this IDE is seen to be ideal for the education industry.

IDLE also has some noteworthy features, such as:

  • Python shell with syntax highlighting is now available.
  • A text editor with many windows Animation or stepping.

How to choose the best IDE for Python?

When selecting the finest Python IDE, carry the following aspects in mind:

  • The programmer’s level of expertise (beginning, professional)
  • The industry or sector in which Python is employed
  • Option to purchase commercial versions or stick with free ones
  • The type of software being created
  • Integration with additional languages is required.

Once these elements are determined, the programmer can easily choose among the IDEs discussed previously based on the features listed.

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