What is data science?

Data science is the discipline of retrieving data that data analysts can use for business decision-making, strategy development, and other uses. It entails the use of big data tools and scientific theories. Data science is a vital part of the Business, as the data generated by analyzing and filtering the needed information is crucial. It is essential to take decisions based on several details. 

They were collected by analyzing the actual data. Some application areas of data science are marketing, sales, and decision-making. To get more insight regarding data science joins Data Science Training in Chennai at FITA Academy.

What is the lifecycle of data science?

The data science life cycle is the different processes involved in the data collection and analysis of the data. Some of the steps involved in data science are

1)Problem Identifying

The first critical step is identifying the underlying problem in the projects. Data scientists are the crucial person responsible for collecting the information and the data for identifying the issues in the projects. They are the key role players in identifying fundamental problems.

2)Understanding Business

Knowing the customer’s needs the most is one of the business understanding techniques. In Business, it is essential to know the customers want to give better service to the customers. It is hard to fulfil customer satisfaction without knowing precisely what the customers need.

3)Collection Of Data:

Collecting data is another vital step for getting insight into the Business. The data collection is done in different ways, such as through surveys, social media, archives, transactional data, and statistical methods. It is vital to collect the data daily.

4) Analyzing Data:

The critical step is understanding the data in depth. The data scientist’s role is to understand the data with the help of different analytical tools available in the industry. The data is understood by formulating the several statistical functions available. To know more about analyzing data join the Best Online Data Science Courses.

5)Data Modelling:

It is vital to create the data model after collecting and analyzing the data. The data model is done with the regression and classification methods. Based on the needs of the data model, we are likely to choose the ways which suit the best for the data modelling.

6)Deploying Data

The final step in the data science life cycle is deploying the data. The deployment of data involves exposing the data to the real-time flow of the data model. The data scientist can deploy the model in several forms, such as web services and mobile applications.


I hope you have gained some information about data science and the lifecycle of data science. Data science is an important subject to know the various techniques involved in the different fields of real-world applications. To learn the different techniques involved in data science, join Data Science Training in Bangalore.