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IVF is the procedure used by the gynecologist to help couples who suffer from infertility and assist with the conception of a child. It is a popular procedure worldwide and has made many couple’s dreams come true. In this procedure, the woman’s eggs are removed and fertilized with men’s sperm under clinical conditions in a laboratory. After the embryo has been formed, it is put back into the women’s uterus to attain the pregnancy. However, various factors like age, medical history, physical fitness, and many more are to be considered while undergoing an IVF treatment. Gynecologist in Velachery says that there are numerous concerns and myths around the treatment. Hence, in this post, some of the benefits and myths are discussed briefly.

Age factor:

Many people say that with the help of treatment people can get conceived at any time. The Fertility Centre in Chennai says that it is not a myth and age is not a number. The age factor plays a vital role in conception. Conception after a certain age, say 40-60, the success rate for IVF is low. As the age increases, the probability of getting conceived becomes low. Hence, before choosing the IVF treatment it is essential to look for age.


Many people say that IVF treatment is painful and the pain unbearable. But in reality, with the help of science and technology advancement, the process is administered by advanced injection, which is painless. In the same way, while retrieving the embryo, the patient is sedated. Hence, at any cost, the patient does not feel pain.

Health problems:

It is a common myth that both the mother and baby face health issues after the treatment. The babies conceived through IVF are normal and healthy like other babies. Any special treatment or food is given to the child. Even mothers are normal and lead a healthy life after treatment. Hence, it is the most useful and effective method of conception for those who suffer from infertility.


IVF treatment used to be expensive in those days. But, now with help of advancements and technology support, the rate has reduced and has become cost-effective. 

Therefore, a Gynecologist in Medavakkam suggests IVF treatment as the excellent option for those suffering from infertility. Hence, consider the tips said in the post for better treatment.

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