Depression has to become a common term and one of the medical conditions that require immediate guidance. It is a mood disorder that affects the persons’ feelings, actions, and daily activities. Depression, if not treated at the right time, can last for life long. According to certain statistics, the United States has the highest depression rate. Hence, timely recognition and consulting with the best psychiatrist in Chennai can redeem the person from worsening. The primary cause for depression varies from person to person. The common reasons are personal and family history, tragic moments, trauma, chronic stress, physical illness, and many more. Not everyone does not have to experience these situations, even a small change in life can disturb the person’s mental health. Hence, this post lets us know the various types of depression and its symptoms.

Major Depressive Disorder:

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is one of the types of depression experienced by the majority population. This type of depression prevails in all age groups, right from a child to an adult. It is a type of feeling of being sad persistently or not having an interest in anything. The major symptoms of MDD are insomnia, weight loss or gain, loss of energy and fatigue, less concentration, and many more. MDD causes irritation and frustration in children and adults significantly. The duration of the MDD remains for the entire day and can last more than two weeks. Seek medical guidance if these symptoms don’t fade away. Therapies, Insomnia treatment, and antidepressants can help to overcome depression effectively. 

Atypical Depression:

Atypical depression is similar to the major depressive disorder that persists most of the time. The symptoms of atypical depression are high appetite, weight gain, hypersomnia, heavy body pain, and sensitiveness. It can last for more than two weeks, and if not treated properly it can cause suicidal feelings and affect day-to-day activities.

Persistent Depressive Disorder:

Persistent depressive disorder is termed dysthymia. This type of depression occurs when there is a tragic loss or trauma and can last for more than two years. The symptoms of this depression include low self-esteem, hopelessness, low energy, and low appetite. It can even occur in children and can last for one year. The treatment for PDD is behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, antidepressants, and talk therapy.

Hence, these are the common types of depression that may undergo. Thus, consult any Workplace Counselling for better guidance and advice.

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