Coastal projects are one of the toughest projects a civil engineer could face. The face of the ocean experiences a lot of harsh conditions, severe erosion and huge tides. This doesn’t make the coastal area an hazardous zone for people to live. There is undeniable beauty behind each and every structure which is established in these areas. From the French colonies in Pondicherry to the Amalfi coastal areas in Italy the examples are countless. This can be achieved by the restorative and creative solutions given by the Building Contractors In Chennai, so that an infrastructure can be built to withstand the harsh climates and the divine beauty of the coastal shores. Hence here are some of the difficulties faced by the builders while constructing in a coastal area. 


This is one of the things which can be listed in both the pros and cons. This is because of the extensive moisture there is a high chance of wood deterioration. Which can even damage the whole foundation of the building. Hence the builder should be keen on using less wood and should use glass windows with stainless steel panels. While constructing a house the civil engineer will make the design while keeping one thing in mind which is to provide a way for the natural air flow inside the house. Nevertheless  if there isn’t any way to seal off the wind from entering the house, the extensive moisture present in the air makes it a hard condition to live in.


The combined effects of sun and water can cause severe damages to the outer surface of the house. Which includes damages such as fading of wall finishes, degradation of wood and embrittlement of concrete. In Order to avoid weathering damages the Building Constructors In Chennai covers the whole building with an extra coating of anti weathering damage paint. 


Salt laden and wind driven air can cause severe corrosion to exposed metal such as steel.  The importance of protecting steel material will help in the long run of maintaining the rigidity of the structure. As i said before the usage of stainless steel materials will prevent degradation caused by moisture, it also benefits in preventing corrosion.  The stainless materials include the connectors, and screws and bolts used to install heaters, air conditioning, ventilation and electrical boxes. To avoid this the Builders In Velachery will install stainless materials for better rigidity. This would not only increase the life of the building it also increases the life of the household things situated inside and outside the building. 


These are the things that need to be carefully noted and will be implemented by the Civil Construction Company In Chennai so that people can live in a beautiful infrastructure which can withstand any harsh weather condition and emit a soulful vibe for many years to come.