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I had just two months to prepare for GRE. I had no idea where to go and how to prepare for GRE. When I came across this fancy website called GREedge, I was really amazed with student reviews. My journey with GREedge began at that point, and it has been a fun ride!

What made me choose GREedge:

There are three factors that strongly influenced me to choose GREedge over other service providers.

  1. Cost – It was a great program, for two months with dedicated trainers, coming at a nominal cost.
  2. Focus – I was assigned to prepare with the personal trainers for both Verbal and Quant, who gave me specific feedback to improve my weak areas.
  3. Personalized experience – It was up to my expectation and everything has been great, particularly, the SFA’s.  Study plan was customized for me based on my strengths and weaknesses. They executed it very well. I must say that, it made my job much easier. All I had to do was learn according to that plan!

My overall experience with GREedge:

I never felt alone with GREedge. It was fascinating to see my trainers be as passionate about my ambitions and goals as much as I am! It’s like they’ve got your back, and they want to make it happen for you. I did not have to feel stressed about it. I had my companions with me who were always there to say, “It’s going to be alright”. I felt comfortable when I understood that I am in safe hands.

How did I reach my target score?

I had huge expectations when I started my preparation. I am a very demanding guy at the outset. I didn’t perform too well in my diagnostic test. I told them that I wanted focused and one-on-one interaction with me. I wanted a lot of material from them. I wanted performance metrics and emotion integrated into the feedback given to me. I wanted them to connect with me. I didn’t want feedback from a machine, but a person. But my expectations were fulfilled beyond measure, so that I felt like I was being guided by professionals. I was convinced that I was going to get what I expected from this program!

I was not good in quants from the very beginning. I needed someone to make me feel good about my performance in quant throughout my preparation. Nandhini, my SFA kept motivating me by saying that I am on the right track, made sure that I got the right kind of feedback. When I scored a 290 in my diagnostic test, my confidence levels were shaken. However, throughout the journey with GREedge, I never ever left to feel demotivated, and I was instilled with that positive energy to finally work towards that 20-point score! I am really grateful to my SFAs for that. GREedge happened to me at the right point in time in my life, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

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