The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)conducts the civil service exam every year, which is the most prestigious exam in the country. People write these exams to become IAS, IFS, and IPS of their districts. Hence, lakhs and lakhs of students write IAS exams every year, and many students go for UPSC coaching in Chennai to crack these exams in their first attempt. However, some students fail in these examinations even after going for coaching classes and academies. Many factors correspond to the failure in civil service exams. It leads to depression, inferiority complex, and losing self-confidence in students. Many inspirational stories on cracking the UPSC exam are on the internet, and students can read these stories to get inspired. These stories not only inspire but also help to choose the right studying strategies. Hence, in this post, some approaches that help to crack the IAS exam are discussed briefly.

Choosing the right books:

The foremost factor to crack any competitive exam is to choose the appropriate books for studying. Students preparing for the IAS exam must know what to read and write to the questions asked in the exam. Students can refer to the previous year’s question papers and ask their seniors about the books and syllabus. They may also ask about the strategy used by them and modify it according to their convenience. This method will surely make a difference in their studying style, and many IAS academy in Trivandrum teach this as their first lesson.


Every year there are some changes or alterations in the civil service exam. It confuses the aspirants as well the beginners to the extreme. Therefore, those preparing for the competitive exam must keep track of the syllabus and updates. The alteration done by the government is to check the candidate’s creativeness and awareness about the happenings in the country. Therefore, tracking the updates about the exam regularly through the internet, social media, and any other source will boost self-confidence in students.

Writing skills:

Unlike other competitive exams, the IAS exam requires writing skills. Hence, write short answers on any preferred topic regularly to improve capability and creativity. Most of the questions are asked from the new syllabus and think about the probable questions from the particular concept. It will help to prepare well and increase the potential of the students.

Reduce repetition:

It is essential to reduce the repeating points while writing paragraphs and long answers. It will impress the examiner by adding graphs and pie charts to the answers. Students can reduce the repetition by saying more advantages and positive notes about the specific topic.

Therefore, studying from the Best UPSC coaching in Bangalore along with a certain strategy, will help students to crack the IAS exam easily.