12 Point Gre Score Boost: A Candid Talk With Shivadutt

Shivadutt, an Online GRE Preparation student, just another MS Aspirant, an ECE student who made his choice to go for US universities looking up to their R & D facilities.

Being very clear on targeting top universities, he started his preparation in 3rd year and his 1st attempt is to get a 304 score. After enrolling in an Online GRE Preparation portal, the experts analysis his low score and gave him an feedback about his weakness. Especially in the verbal section, he had major difficulties. RC always proved a blunder for him as he had to study the same at least 2-3 times to locate the answers.

He started learning words with the Word Bot first, which helped him get a grasp of 3500 GRE words making understanding of the texts and passages easier.

For Quant, he started with understanding concepts with correct formulas. Then, he taking up many practice tests. As he mentions being careful about small, intricate details makes silly mistakes disappear slowly and improve your score.

For AWA , Shivadutt’s study plan helped a lot. Going through analytical writing answers and getting feedback on the same to improve was the key to know what exactly should be written, and how to connect points and ideas you know in a presentable way. This process slowly helped him to prepare for the actual Syllabus for GRE.

Shivadutt’s personal experience says that GRE is a type of exam where one needs to practice a lot and stay focused. One has concentrate during his preparation time from starting to end. For people who are studying and preparing at the same time, GRE Online Preparation & a free guides is a good option as it gives you time to study whenever you are free, allows you to measure how much progress you have made, and gives you the actual feel of the Online exam that GRE is. A personal guidance added to the same, helps a person understand his mistakes, focus on his weaker areas, make an ideal GRE study plan and allocate proper time and resources to get a good score.

Always aim him when it comes to getting a GRE/TOEFL score, and don’t settle till you get the same. This can be done by starting early and giving yourself a chance to re-appear if it doesn’t go well. Don’t be shy of using Online GRE Test Preparation portals. They can prove to be very helpful. Improvement is more of a personal mission and highly depends on what a person is doing, how determined he is, and if he wishes to improve remarkable like Shivadutt, don’t lose hope and keep trying.

All the best!

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