A Guide For New Hearing Aid Users


One third of the adults who live in India are experiencing age related hearing loss. Most of the time people don’t even know that they are having a hearing problem. It’s the family and relatives who figure it out by speaking loudly or repeating themselves to the elders. Later they visit the  Audiologist In Chennai after it becomes a huge problem.This is where hearing aids come into play. The major advantage of wearing a hearing aid is it reduces the strain of hearing. The advancements of technology in the hearing aid industry is increasing day by day, which ultimately resulted in hearing aids providing more clarity and less strain for those who wear them.On the other if a person is new at wearing a hearing aid will experience certain things.

Ease The Environmental Noise:

One of the most common things every new hearing aid user feels is that the common sounds such as television, one to one conversation, computer noise, clock ticking and refrigerators will feel abnormally louder than usual. This is due to hearing all the sounds in a very close proximity all at once can give this feel as time passes the user will dial into the volume of the hearing aid. 

Less Interference On The Background Sound:

Whenever the person is in a place where the background noise is much louder it can be tough to hear the sounds in lower decibels such as talking or phone ringing even if they are wearing a hearing aid. The perfect solution for these kinds of situations is to buy a hearing aid which has two separate speakers from the Hearing Aid Shops In Chennai which has the ability of separating the sounds with higher decibel and concentrating on the lower decibel sounds to give a clear output.


If the person is having a problem in one year they can wear the hearing aid in that specific ear. Suppose the person is having difficulty hearing in both the ears there is nothing wrong wearing two hearing aids. This really helps in locating where the sound is originating from. If there is only one hearing aid there is a significant difference on the sound’s arrival to the ear and the brain finds it difficult to locate where the sound is coming from. 

Hear With Your Brain:

Like every other organ in the human body, ears are also connected to the brain. When the ear receives a sound it sends the sounds data to the brain via neurons. This helps the brain cells to be active. Wearing two hearing aids will help both the left and right brain to stay active, if not the cells will degenerate due to lack of sound. Hence try to use the Hearing Aid Machine In Chennai


Hearing aids have an immense impact on older people when it comes to communication. It makes them less dependent on others. But wearing a hearing aid is a process. This process requires its own time in order for the user to adjust. the user knowing all these things before buying the hearing aid will benefit well in the adjustment process. This process requires work, nevertheless the user does not need to worry, the Siemens Hearing Aid Dealers In Chennai will also work  together with the user during the adjustment period so that they can have tension free hearing.