Importance of Hadoop Analytics

Apache Hadoop and the spark are the open source applications which are integrated with the big data technology. As per the research of the Forrester research, the tendency of using the open source software is increasing 32.9 percent per year.  Hadoop is used to store a large amount of data using the normal processing chips and as open source software. Hadoop Training in Chennai hone the technical skill required for the Hadoop profession. Let me discuss in detail about the importance of Hadoop Analytics in the challenging environment. Because of the evolution of the technology the trends are changing in the software industry. Hadoop is used for the visualizing huge amount of data. If there is visualization in the data then it helps the data scientist to know the trends in the business. Software as a service is demanded in the software industry as it reduces the cost and minimizes the time spent on the project.

The old method of analysis using Hadoop

The first option is using the Hadoop for collecting and transforming the data. To export the data redshift or Vertica is used in the relational analytical database. Moving the data from the Hadoop environment increases the cost and it takes more time also. Rather than moving the data to separate environment one can test the data inside the Hadoop cluster by using the SQL or map reduce. Big Data Training provides the insights into the data analytics.

New technologies used for the analytics in Hadoop

The SQL join clauses and the explain queries are added with new utilities like memory usage; manage tasks, query plans and the security features to use them for the analytics. Apache hive Cloudera, Impala; Apache spark and presto are some of the database technologies which are used for the analytics. Join the Hadoop Course in Chennai to land in your dream job.


The hive in the Hadoop supports the SQL insert, update, and deletes statements as well as SQL: 2011 standard query syntax for the analysis of the high volume data. Spark along with Map Reduce and Tez added a third execution engine for the analytics.


Impala joins and aggregates the data and spill data of disk instead of crashing when memory gets too low. As with the other dialects, Impala is upgraded with the math, string, date, time, and bit functions and the compatibility of the Impala is increased. The changes are initiated with the hive and Cloudera. The strut, array and map types already support the Hive. The ibis is the new data analysis framework with python for the data scientists.


The compatibility in the spark also has increased with the new functions like the date, time, string and the math functions. The compatibility of the spark is added to the hive’s meta store and it makes the reading part of the tables in the hive easy. The data access to the other data sources from CSV to Avro to several No SQL data stores is the latest spark package. Spark is planned to bring in so many changes in the analytics and used as an alternative to the map reduce. Big Data Training in Chennai is the best course to get practical knowledge about the business.


Using the cluster for the enhanced analytics is a big deal in the database management system and it saves the time and money. The schema in the Hadoop can be applied as per the analytics. If all the data is added to the schema then it is difficult for the repository to use the schema. So Schema is used at the time of the analysis.

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