The Role Of a CRM platform

A CRM platform provides the tools, technologies, methodologies, and systems to leverage customer data and enhance communication. It is only through a CRM platform that an enterprise can quickly consider customer issues and offer relevant solutions. Importantly, this aspect should not be treated as an adjunct to the main business but an integral part of the business lifecycle. A robust customer feedback mechanism helps to strengthen business relationships and foster business growth.

This is where the cloud-based Salesforce pitches in with its Customer Service and Support functions. Moreover, as confirmed by Forbes, with the cloud-based CRM platforms estimated to corner around 62% of the market, Salesforce has emerged as one of the premier SaaS applications. To know more about sales force testing, Step into the Salesforce Training in Chennai at FITA Academy.

What Makes Salesforce is More Important?

  • Easy to implement
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Cost-effective
  • Ease of developing bespoke applications quickly
  • Seamless integration of different business functions
  • Strengthens the customer interface with business

Salesforce facilitates the integration of various applications, activities, and departments. These can be accounts, admin, campaigns, contacts, leads, or opportunities. Since the business outcomes of an enterprise depend on the implementation of Salesforce, it should be tested for any inherent glitches. Furthermore, the criticality of Sales force testing has assumed salience given the rapid pace at which a plethora of applications are developed and deployed in the SDLC.

Key Reasons For Sales force Testing

Better B2C Interface: Customers are the fulcrum around which an enterprise revolves. The eventual success of the brand, products, and services of an enterprise depends on the kind of experience it provides to the customers. More often than not, enterprises seem to trip on matters of customer query resolution. This is because the information stored in multiple databases is often found difficult to be accessed by the customer query handler. 

However, with salesforce project documentation, the databases are brought under centralized control, which then makes it easy for any customer query handler to access and resolve the issue. However, an inherent bug in the Salesforce platform can put paid to all such efforts and hence, the need for salesforce project documentation. With the aid of Salesforce Training Online, Acquire knowledge about Salesforce automation testing, Salesforce project documentation in detail.

Automation of Sales & Marketing: The automation of the Sales and Marketing functions of an enterprise can facilitate a better closure rate. This is due to the fact that automation of these functions can bring about efficiency in the dissemination of information. Salesforce automation testing is capable of automating the entire customer interface, which in turn helps in offering a rich customer experience. To ensure the automation process remains foolproof, scalable, and flexible, salesforce automation testing should be undertaken.

Short Application Release Cycle: Salesforce applications have become increasingly complex but at the same time, their delivery cycles have become short. This is a consequence of increased competition where every enterprise wants to reach the market with new applications. Such quick release cycles need comprehensive test automation for Salesforce to cover the entire end-to-end application codes.

Better Quality of Applications: The market not only demands a faster release of applications but their superior quality as well. This is where test automation for Salesforce becomes critical to address the inherent glitches. Moreover, apart from increasing the test coverage area, automating salesforce testing tools can identify (and eliminate) the bugs during the development stage only. This can lead to a better quality of products that hold firm as far as functionality, performance, and security are concerned.


Salesforce can confer a lot of benefits to businesses such as providing an improved analytical data, creating a robust reporting mechanism, automating and streamlining various functions, and enhancing communication among others. The same can be achieved only when Sales force testing is implemented. If you plan to get training in sales force testing, Salesforce Course in Chennai would be the right platform to get adequate knowledge.