Top10 Employment Screening Resources

What is a pre-employment screening? What is a pre-screening interview? Pre-employment screening refers to background check of a potential employee. The background check inculdes checking worker compensation, criminal history, reference Check and past Employment. Most of the companies don’t have time to check background of their respective job applicants. They tend to look for any kinds of third party pre-employment screening companies. Here let see top ten employment screening service.

1. Assesspeople

Since 1999, Assesspeople offer workforce assessment service. They are the leading ISO 9001: 2008 certified employment screening services in India. The assessment service varies from high school student to manager, individual and team. They do research associates in statistics, assessment science and psychology. Ramachandran Kannan is the founder of Assesspeople with over 13 years of experience in HR Management. He take classes on topics like workforce management and psychology in India as well as abroad.

What They Do
They conduct following test like
1) Personality Assessment Test
2) Skills Assessment Test
3) Employment Assessment Test
4) Personality Test for Employment
5) Employment Personality Test
6) Hiring Assessment Test
7) Employment Skills Test
8) Employment Integrity Test
9) Multilingual Assessments
10) Biometrics, Photo, Phone2web
11) Organization – Wide Surveys
12) End2End Assessments

2. Employment Screening Services

Employment screening service provides accurate, cost effective, drug testing and timely background check help in deciding hiring right people to your company. Since 1987, they helped many companies with Pre-employment screening. Roughly, they conduct screening test over 6000 regional, local, international and national companies. They are federally regulated consumer company. FCRA – Fair Credit Reporting Act. They offer quality report at competitive price. But what stand them apart is

1) Our I-9 program is the best.
2) Applicant Tracking System.
3) The turn-around time is the best compared to our competitors.
4) We suggest comprehensive solution to any other screening company.
5) No contract and no annual fee.

3. ESS

ESS is devoted in protecting employee and company through large scale drug testing and background testing services. ESS is a combination of providing exceptional customer service, experience and advanced technology to make sure employer screening service are effective, affordable and fast. They help clients in reducing limit liability, solve problem and screening are fast. They are full service human resource and provide risk management solutions.
Shelia Benson, founder of ESS who provides service all around the world. The headquarters located in Alabama, Florida, Birmingham, Texas and Georgia. As a member of National Association of Background Screeners they play important role in screening programs both in in long time success and achieving short time goals.

4. Myesrcheck

Myesrcheck unique services allow job seekers to start, maintain and save their record and help them to view the information which they provided to Myesrcheck at no cost. This make them unique compared to any other Pre-Employment Testing Companies in India. They published a book on background check and employment screening process. Based upon the criminal background check and other verification, probable employees get verified report from us. This ultimately save money, time and applicant experience. They create great access to both HR and job applicant.

For applicants
a) Education Degree Verification
b) Reference Check
c) Salary Verification
d) Past Employment
e) Criminal Background Check
f) Civil Record Search
g) Motor Vehicle Records

5. Corporate Investigations India

They are the premier business support company who provide security service and quality service. They support the client in choosing most desirable person. They do criminal background check. They do investigate his or her identity and how long he lived in that particular area or town. Mainly they check the address, individual background and neighborhood report. Next education verification is important. Now a day most of the job applicants misreport their education. They contact institute, college and university to check whether the submitted information is correct or not. Even they do referral check if anyone shortlisted. Last they do database check. It includes media search, public record, business information service, criminal litigation and credit check.

6. Accurate Background

Offering a spread of pre-employment screening services, correct Background provides web-based applications or added, integrated services delivered through partnerships the corporate has fashioned with variety of wide used individual following system developers. Additionally to conducting criminal searches, national Social Security locating, process, employment verification, education verification, skilled license verification, and skilled references, correct Background conjointly offers drug testing and a spread of compliance support services cherish fulfillment of subject notification reports and pre-adverse/adverse action letters, together with needed report copies and summaries of rights of the buyer.

7. Pinkerton

Thousands of corporations throughout the world suppose Pinkerton Employment Screening to produce comprehensive Human Resource Employment Background Screening Services and Solutions. Our solutions incorporate standardized best practices that facilitate contour your advancement and maximize productivity. Important employment screening services includes drug testing, background check and form I-9.

They provide quick employee screening solution such as
a) Backed with good customer service
b) They use new technology
c) They provide instant results and answer

8. Radaris

Radaris allows you to help probable new hires in ordering their own background checks. All you wish to do is enter distinctive data, resembling name, address and social insurance variety, of the person you would like to check over the company’s secure web site. You may be asked some easy inquiries to make sure you’re looking out with legitimate cause so should conform to a data unharness. You need to give your order, payment data and shortly you may receive release criminal records checks.

9. Goodhire

GoodHire has everything a small business desires from a background check supplier. It offers a variety of services, as well as education, employment verification, drug testing and history searches. Background checks will be purchased on a personal basis, and there aren’t any monthly cost. GoodHire is additionally commissioned by the NASBS – National Association of skilled Background Screeners, has an easy-to-use on-line system and very good client service.

10. Verifacts

Verifacts is a antecedents/background verification organization, specializing in the field of job applicant authentication system. The headquarters located in Bangalore, with seven other branches in India and several partners across the world, Verifacts provides its services to a large number of National and Multinational national companies across the world effectively.
Since 2005, Verifacts has been recognized as the most trusted company in Employee Background Verification process. They have tie up with more than 500 companies across the globe. Most of the decision-making process are done by the panel of experienced HR Team.

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