It is one of the most massive things to bring a baby into the world. It requires proper planning and care. There are many different types of delivery. One can choose the easier and safer delivery. However the couples can choose the one which they feel comfortable with. Ans so one can contact the gynecologist in Velachery, if the person is near that area to avoid more travelling during the pregnancy.

Different types of delivery:

There are many techniques using it one can reduce the complication they are:

  • Vaginal delivery
  • Caesarean section (C-section)
  • Assisted vaginal delivery
  • Water delivery
  • Lamaze technique
  • Bradley method

Vaginal delivery:

The delivery which is done through the birth canal of the womb is said to be as the natural delivery. The doctors will always prefer to have natural birth and will recommend it. However the doctors will highly recommend vaginal birth if they want to have multiple children. For vaginal delivery the gynecologist use episiotomy. It involves making an incision above the anal area.

Caesarean section (C-section):

The caesarean section is done by making an surgical incision on the mothers belly and vagina. Many people opt  for C-section so one can plan accordingly. However if the situation is complicate enough to have natural pregnancy or a situation which demands for it to happen. Even though complications can occur during the labor time which can result in this. This type of delivery is much safer for the mother and child.

Assisted vaginal delivery:

The vaginal delivery is one of the most common types of delivery. One can use it when it requires assistance. The vaginal delivery is a natural and a non complex process it may require some additional assistance from the staff or the usage of medicine.

Water delivery:

For this type of delivery one will use portable tubs. Women will go through all the stages in the portable tub with water during the delivery. So the delivery of baby happens underwater. However they can come out and have some other position for delivering. Since it is more relaxing and less painful under the water.

Lamaze technique:

Lamaze technique is typically known as the breathing technique. It is also similar to the natural delivery. Using this technique will have different strategies during labor. One can reduce the perception of pain and increase in relaxation with the breathing techniques. This technique will help in the preparation of childbirth.

Bradley method:

Bradley method is used for the preparation of women for natural delivery. To avoid assistive vaginal delivery one can use this. One can prepare for vaginal birth without using medications. This method will go for about 12 weeks. It is done by using workbooks and help from family and friends. The use of this method is to reduce the vaginal pain during delivery. It will also tell about the nutrients and other things which relates to health.

 As there are many types of delivery available and one can choose from it according to their comfortableness. However it is better to contact the gynecologist in Medavakkam to know about all the types of deliveries.